24/7 Digital Classrooms includes everything you need:

Eight key reasons why to choose 24/7 Digital Classrooms:

  1. Easy to use

  2. Mobile friendly

  3. Enhances the learning experience

  4. Simplifies and automates administration

  5. Implimentation and strategy support

  6. Dependable

  7. Adaptable to your needs

  8. Secure

24/7 Digital Classroom Examples:


24/7 Digital Classrooms offered high quality, service, and rates. Across the board, we have been pleased with their work, attention to detail, and management of our online learning platform.
— Dr. Jasmin Whitfield, Director of Health Services
Wow, our virtual school platform looks amazing!! I’m so excited and thank you so much for making my dream a reality!
— Sonja Cross, Founder

some of our most important FEATURES:

Free access to our Online K-12 Curriculum and Test Prep practice tests

PRE-LOADED K-12 CURRICULUM AND TEST PREP PRACTICE TEST (Optional for virtual school, tutoring and flipped classroom platforms - requires additional fees)

Access to our Professional Development Courses

PRE-LOADED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES (Optional for PD and training platforms - requires additional fees)

Access to our Professional Development Courses

AN EASY COURSE BUILDER (Create courses with multiple layouts, video, audio, readings, projects, assessments, live streams, and more)

Multiple media types for your courses

MULTIPLE MEDIA TYPES FOR YOUR COURSES (Insert videos, Articulate & Adobe Captivate files, images, audio, Google Docs and more)

Individual Lessons, Quizzes, and Assessments

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS, QUIZZES, AND ASSESSMENTS  (Break-up courses into lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories)

Individual Lessons, Quizzes, and Assessments


8 QUESTION TYPES FOR QUIZZES AND ASSESSMENTS  (Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey)

Work individually or with a team

WORK INDIVIDUALLY OR WITH A TEAM  (Partner with additional Educators, Tutors, or Trainers)

Offer discussion forums for group projects

OFFER DISCUSSION FORUMS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR GROUP PROJECTS (Answer questions, and encourage peer to peer learning

Access user reports for tracking progress

ACCESS USER REPORTS FOR TRACKING PROGRESS  (Attendance, course completion, and learning progress) 

Blog or send scheduled newsletters

BLOG OR SEND SCHEDULED NEWSLETTERS  (Keep your students or participants engaged)

Sell or Provide Books and Learning Materials

SELL BOOKS AND LEARNING MATERIALS  (Start your bookstore with a partnership with Amazon)

Accept Payments Securely

ACCEPT PAYMENTS SECURELY (Sell courses, offer subscriptions, receive tuition payments)

Offer pre-schedule one on one sessions  Access

OFFER PRE-SCHEDULED SESSIONS (Scheduling is automated and automatically added to your calendar)

Access to our Instructional Design Training

ACCESS TO INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN TRAINING  (We assist you in the development of your curriculum)


OFFER LIVE ONLINE INSTRUCTION (In groups or one on one)

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