Start your own Virtual School:

Start a Virtual School and offer online courses.

Start a Virtual School and offer online courses.

Start an Online School, Teach online and take control of your career, increase your income, and reach students across the globe with 24/7 Digital Classrooms' Online Learning Platform.   

We have combined the benefits of self-paced lessons and assessments, an electronic grade book, digital assignments, social networking, video conferencing, secure payment collection,  social networking, e-commerce, blogging and gamification to create a straightforward and affordable virtual school platform that is accessible from any internet ready device.

Your Virtual School Platform is easily customizable and could look like this:

Our Virtual School Platforms include:

  • Reporting Tools for Tracking, Analyzing, and Communicating instructional and student learning progress with parent

  • The ability to accept payments and sell Learning Materials

  • Blogs and send Weekly Newsletters

  • The ability to Send Notifications of performance to your learners

  • The ability to Assign Lessons to students and Track Learning Progress  

  • The ability to administer Quizzes & Exams (Multiple Intelligence, IQ) accessible from any Internet-ready device

  • Ability to provide digital materials to your students

  • Content creation and Uploading assistance

  • A payment portal to easily collect monthly, quarterly, or yearly tuition payments.  

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Limited budget and looking for an affordable option.

  • Discover how affordable it is to teach online, start a virtual school, and offer blended learning with 24/7 Digital Classrooms.