Provide online Professional Development and Training to Educators and Parents

24/7 Digital Classrooms enable schools to offer online professional development and training, digitize their current content, and create unique online courses to provide greater access and flexibility to educators and parents without placing extra burdens on administrative staff.

Your Online Professional Development Platform is easily customizable and could look like this:

With your online professional development Platform you can:

  • Offer Live Professional Development and trainings: Learn with other educators and parents through live group virtual sessions
  • Offer Self-Paced Professional Development and Trainings: Learning modules with built-in assessments and automated grading
  • Offer Live Private Sessions: Educators and parents can schedule one-on-one sessions months in advance
  • Provide digital Materials: Distribute digital learning materials: books, articles, etc.

  • Forums and Learning communities: Educators and Parents stay connected through Forums and Learning communities.
  • Blogging, Live Chat Sessions: Additional methods to communicate to Educators and Parents in real time.
  • Flip your sessions: Educators and Parents can participate 24/7, allowing you to focus on the face to face follow up.
  • Gamify your Modules and Trainings: Offer Achievement badges  and Leader Boards to improve motivation and engagement. 


Limited budget and looking for an affordable option.

  • Digital classrooms are customizable and allow you to offer Professional Development and training to educators and parents 24/7.