Provide Blended Learning in your classroom: 

Improve your support for your students and build stronger relationships with parents with 24/7 Digital Classrooms' blended learning platform.

We have combined the benefits of self-paced lessons and assessments, an electronic grade book, digital assignments, social networking, video conferencing, automated scheduling, and gamification to create a straightforward and affordable Blended Learning Platform that is accessible from any internet ready device. 

Your Blended Learning Platform is completely customizable and could look like this:

Your blended Learning Platform features:

  • Reporting Tools for Tracking, Analyzing, and Communicating instructional and student learning progress with parents

  • Offer Live Private Sessions: One on One Tutoring Sessions or Parent Meetings

  • Offer Live Group Sessions: Provide access to you Live Classes or Group Tutoring Session
  • Free access to aggregated K-12 Curriculum (aligned with the Common Core Standards), Test Prep Practice Test (GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, ASVAB, LSAT, GRE), and K-12 Practice Assessments accessible from any Internet-ready device
  • Provide Discussion Forums for peer to peer instruction, project based learning, and group discussion
  • The ability to Assign Lessons to students and Track Learning Progress    

  • Practice Quizzes & Exams with automated grading (Multiple Intelligence, IQ) accessible from any Internet-ready device

  • Ability to provide digital materials to your students

  • Access to Google Drive and Docs

  • Content creation and Uploading assistance 

  • Blogging and options to send Weekly Newsletters

  • Access an automated Grade book with reports

  • Gamify your lessons with Achievement badges and Leader Boards to improve motivation and learning. 

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Limited budget and looking for an affordable option.

  • Discover how affordable it is to have a blended learning platform and offer blended instruction and support to your class with 24/7 Digital Classrooms.