Front-end grades and scoring reports with learndash

This WordPress plugin, in conjunction with LearnDash LMS, automates scoring and allows Course Administrators to show individual user scores on the front end, make recommendations for additional courses, offer live sessions, and provide advanced assignment scoring and feedback with their Courses and Online Learning Websites.


1. Time Completion Reports: Track and compare LearnDash Quiz Completion Times

2. Quiz Score Comparison Reports: Allow students to compare their quiz results to other anonymous users

3. Learning Objective Comparison Report: A report comparing student scores by Learning objectives

4. Track all Quiz scores within a course: A report comparing a student's quiz scores by course  

5. Overall Score By Learning Objective: Graph reporting a student's score by Learning Objective

6. Rubric Based Scoring for Quiz Essay Questions: Takes the guess work out of scoring essay questions and provides detail scores for users

7. Click here to download an example of a printable assessment report


1. Advanced Scoring: Utiliize rubric scoring for complex assignments and project based learning with LearnDash.

2. Skill Scores: Provide scoring for individual skills within a rubric

3. Front end Assignment Grades and Feedback: A Report providing assignment grades 

4. Assignment Feedback: Provide feedback with all Assignments grades in written, audio, and video formats

5. Peer Reviews:  Users can receive peer feedback and scoring for their assignments.



1. Recommended Courses: Recommendations for additional courses, lessons, topics based on quiz performance. This makes adaptive learning with Wordpress and LearnDash simple and effective.

2. Recommended Live Sessions:  Recommendations for live sessions based on quiz performance. Up-sell your live services and courses to increase revenue and influence deeper learning.

3. Filters:  Filters to easily find recommended next steps and track completion



1. Average Score for Multiple Courses:  Average score from all course grades within a category (Example: all courses within a grade level) to calculate a GPA. Perfect way to offer report cards to your students.

2.  Weighted Scoring:  Determine the Percentage value of Assignments, Quizzes, Final Exams, etc...

3. Transcripts: Offer an official record of student performance in multiple courses over a period of time.

4. Click here to download an example of a printable  report card and transcript


Group Leader Reports

1. Front End Group Leader Reports: LearnDash Group Leaders can see the reports of their students and group members on the frontend.

2. Printable Reports: Group leaders can provide their students printable progress reports.

3. Eliminate backend access: All reports can be accessed from the front end. Group Leaders no longer need access to your backend.

Group Reports

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