Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Digital Classroom?  24/7 Digital Classrooms are affordable websites and e-learning platforms that allow you to start a virtual school, tutoring or training center, offer virtual professional development & training, and flip your classroom. 

2. Is our platform customizable?  Yes, our platforms are completely customizable.  We can design a platform to suit your needs.  

3. Can you add your content?  Yes, the digital classroom was designed for you to add your content quickly.  Our Help videos and personalized training will show exactly what to do.

4. What format of education and training can I provide staff, parents, and students? You can offer self-paced, live virtual instruction and training, and live one or one follow-up.  Also, you can provide assessments, assignments, certificates of completion, forums for staff, and social networking for parents.  

5. Can we utilize the platform with students?  Yes, you can easily use it with students.  Our platforms come preloaded with our aggregated K-12 curriculum that is aligned with the common core standards. Our curriculum designers can create content for you and assist you in digitizing your current curriculum, .

6. Is the platform accessible from mobile devices? Yes, every aspect of the platform is accessible from any mobile device that can access the internet.

7. Can we import a list of users or do each user has to sign up individually?  Yes, you can easily import as many users as you want, create their usernames, and passwords or sign them up individually.

8. If we have a question or need technical support what do we do?  You can easily ask a question through the help section of the platform, and one of our support specialists will answer your questions or support needs within 12 hours.