24/7 Digital Classroom Video Training and Guide


Course Creation

How to create a Course:

  1. Login and go to Dashboard
  2. Click Courses and click Add New
  3. Enter the Title
  4. Remove 2 check marks under Discussion
  5. Select or add Category and Tag
  6. Write Short Description
  7. Select Price Type, Sort Lesson By, Sort Lesson Direction, Course Prerequisites
  8. Check Disable Lesson Progression (This allows your students to select any lesson they want.)
  9. Select your desired Featured Image.
  10. Click Save Draft or Publish

Lesson creation

How to create a Lesson:

  • Click Units to create Lessons
  • Click Add New
  • Enter the Title and the contents of your Lesson
  • Click Add Media to add Videos and Pictures. Click Insert to Post to paste the media.
  • Uncheck all options under Discussion.
  • Associate the course
  • Force lesson timer
  • Add Category
  • Click Save Draft or Publish

Quiz Creation 1:

How to set up your Quiz:

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click Quizzes under Courses
  • Click Add New
  • Enter the title
  • Add Category or Tab
  • Disable Discussion by unchecking all the boxes
  • Set Certificate Threshold to 1.1
  • Select Associated Course and Lesson
  • Load Platform Quiz Template
  • Other 4 Tabs will appear after clicking Save Draft, Publish or pressing Enter

Video 1:


How to add questions to your Quiz

  • Click Questions
  • Click Add question
  • Enter the Title of the Quiz
  • Assign points
  • Assign Category
  • Add Question
  • Provide Hints if necessary
  • Choose the type of test: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Free Choice, Sorting Choice, Matrix Sorting Choice, Cloze, and Assessment
  • Click Save

Video 2:


Additional Videos: (Quick videos to show the tiny details)

How to edit a Quiz/Assessment question category?

Video 3: