Easily Add Rubric Based Scoring to Essay Questions with LearnDash and 24/7 DigitalClassrooms' Front End Grades and Reporting Plugin

You can now score quiz essay questions with rubrics   - Version 40  

How it works:

1. Set up your essay quiz question:

Choose if you want learners to proceed with points or not with the Essay Question

  • For rubric based scoring you should choose, "Not Graded, no points"

2. Choose a rubric that can guide the scorer on what to assign points to.

  • Important Note: Make sure when setting up the essay question, you added a point value for the question.
247DC update 40 - 0.png

2. When someone completes an essay question you can access it in the Submitted Essay Section of the admin menu:

In the following steps:

Go to Dashboard and access your "Submitted Essay" section under courses (LearnDash) and click "Edit".

Click Edit to score Question

Review Question:

Scroll down to see the chosen rubric for this question and add points:

Scroll up and change the status of the question and click update.

247DC update 40 - 8.png

Students will see the following in their Assessment Activity report for that particular assessment:

Make Essay scoring more effective and easy to do with our LearnDash Front end grades and Reporting plugin.

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