Rubric Scoring Updates

Version 32: Big Update

Rubric scoring updates: Now you can score individual skills in rubric scoring for assignments.

1. Learners can now see how they scored in different skills within a rubric.

Students can see how they scored on individual requirements within an assignment with LearnDash LMS and Wordpress.

2. Skill Tracking with LearnDash: Scores from Individual skills in different assignments can be tracked overtime.  Example - If you have two lessons that include the skill "Oral Presentation", the scores can be tracked over time to see how a learner's skills are developing.  

3. Use Multiple Scoring Rubrics with one assignment: Example - if you want to assess Reading Comprehension and 21st Century skills within one assignment you can do so with ease

4. Assignment Scores are now averaged instead of totaled: so you can use multiple types of rubrics with different scoring criteria for one assignment

6. Multiple Scoring Types for Rubric Based Scoring: Educators can use growth mindset, points scoring or any other type of grading philosophy with LearnDash LMS and Wordpress.