Peer to peer feed back with LearnDash - Version 38

We've updated our LearnDash reporting plugin to offer Peer to Peer Feedback.

  • Users can receive peer to peer feedback
  • Users can provide peer to peer feedback
  • Administrators can easily choose which users will provide feedback to each other

Email to Student requesting a peer review and feedback

Students can choose what type of feedback they want to offer

 Course Administrators can choose which users can provide peer to peer feedback.

Course Administrators can choose which users can provide peer to peer feedback.

Added Grade column for "My Progress" print outs

Version 34:

We added a Grade column for the print out of the My Progress Chart.

Step 1: To see the update

Go to the My Progress section of the report.

After clicking the "My progress section"  and the grade level you want a report on, click "Extract PDF".

Step 2: After you click "Extract the PDF" you are now able to see the grade for the course or subject in the pdf version of the report.  This report allows you to offer a report card with the LearnDash LMS plugin and Wordpress.

Rubric Scoring Updates

Version 32: Big Update

Rubric scoring updates: Now you can score individual skills in rubric scoring for assignments.

1. Learners can now see how they scored in different skills within a rubric.

 Students can see how they scored on individual requirements within an assignment with LearnDash LMS and Wordpress.

2. Skill Tracking with LearnDash: Scores from Individual skills in different assignments can be tracked overtime.  Example - If you have two lessons that include the skill "Oral Presentation", the scores can be tracked over time to see how a learner's skills are developing.  

3. Use Multiple Scoring Rubrics with one assignment: Example - if you want to assess Reading Comprehension and 21st Century skills within one assignment you can do so with ease

4. Assignment Scores are now averaged instead of totaled: so you can use multiple types of rubrics with different scoring criteria for one assignment

6. Multiple Scoring Types for Rubric Based Scoring: Educators can use growth mindset, points scoring or any other type of grading philosophy with LearnDash LMS and Wordpress.