Why is learning data important to your users

When your learners know how they performed in your courses or online trainings it shows them that you genuinely care about their learning experience and how they could improve.  We’ve found that when it comes to your learners getting the most out of your courses or trainings, more data is better than less.  In one of our adult learning courses, a learner performed poorly on a quiz and didn’t know the next steps she could take to increase her understanding of the information.  With our LearnDash Front End Grades and Reporting plugin, our platform was able to show her:

  • the questions she answered incorrectly
  • the learning standard those questions were aligned to
  • additional lessons she could review to gain a better understanding of the information (Additional revenue opportunity)
  • how to set up a personal session with us to get extra help  (Additional revenue opportunity)

She took full advantage of her learning data and quickly purchased access to additional lessons we recommended and paid for an individual training session.  Because of how extensive and straightforward her learning data was, her confidence level in our instruction and expertise grew tremendously, and she not only took advantage of our extra resources, she recommended our courses to her professional network.

With our Learndash Front End Grades and Reporting plugin, she was able to pinpoint where she went wrong, where to go to overcome her challenges, and whom to speak to.   She trusted our ability to support her as a learner, and she made sure to show us how satisfied she was.

This level of reporting and transparency is simple to add to your site, enhances your users' learning experience,  and shows that you not only care about what your users learn but how they learn. 

Regardless of the subject or topic, learning data is essential to your learners.  Provide it to them, make it easy to digest and actionable and you will see a significant increase in scores, user experience, and $$$$ in your pocket.

See our LearnDash Front End Grades and Reporting plugin in action or click below to purchase it today.