Build your own like “Khan Academy” or “Udemy” like websites for cheap

With Wordpress, LearnDash, and 24/7 Digital Classrooms’’ front end reporting plugin, you can do just that.  Within a few hours and a small investment, you can have your own website and e-Learning platform that functions just like Khan Academy, Udemy, or with front end data reporting, grades, and analysis.

It’s easy to get started! Follow the following four steps...

1. Set up your own Wordpress Site

Follow step by step instructions provided by WISDMLABS by clicking on the link:

2. Download and install Learndash Plugin

i) All information required to set-up LearnDash are provided by WISDMLABS in the article above.

ii) Learn about how LearnDash can be best utilized to create your own “Udemy” or “Khan Academy” course website. See two easy to follow articles written by LearnDash CEO Justin Ferriman on key features of a course website:

3. Download and install 24/7 Digital Classrooms’ Front end Reporting, Grading, and  Analysis plugin

i) Purchase and install the 24/7 Digital Classrooms’ Front end Reporting, Grading, and Analysis plugin:

4. Add your Lessons, quizzes, assignments, categories, and tags following LearnDash’s and 24/7 DigitalClassrooms’ step-by-step procedure manual and start working!

Send us a note for more information, we can gladly answer your questions and support you in developing your Khan Academy or Udemy like website.